The USA – No Democracy Means Poor Health and Poor “Healthcare”

You can think of the USA as having five principle institutions to govern us: 1. The Presidency, 2. The House, 3. The Senate, 4. The Judiciary, and 5. The Free Press. Unfortunately, none of these are democratic institutions. The least democratic of the five is the Judiciary. Judges are nominated by the President, who is voted-in by the undemocratic Electoral College, and approved by the Senate, an institution that represents land and not the people. For example, California has nearly 40 million people and two senators, whereas Montana has about 577,000 people and two senators. That’s one senator per 288,000 people in Montana, and one senator per 20,000,000 people in California. The House is more representative of the people than is the Senate. California has 53 representatives in the House, one representative for every 754,000 Californians, whereas Montana has one representative in the House, one representative for every 577,000 Montanans. Considering the Press, much of it is owned by the rich, particularly billionaires (Vinton, 2016). Even PBS is often a shill for the wealthy given it is a private corporation funded by billionaires (Hiltzik, 2014). If people are billionaires, what do you think they’re most interested in? Answer – money, of course. Plutocrats living in a society of trickle down economics is destructive and was brought to us in its current form by Ronald Reagan and his revolution for the rich (Hiltzik, 2019). The continued deregulation of the rich means that they own and control almost everything, including some public universities such as Florida State University (Strauss, 2011).

The privatization and deregulation of our food supplies, drug companies, physicians, and hospitals is literally killing us. And the press, being largely controlled by the wealthy, doesn’t care, or can’t say much about it, as long as their billionaire owners are making money. Even the so-called non-profit “patient advocacy” groups are paid for and controlled by the billionaires, working for the rich so that you’ll take more drugs that don’t work (Kopp et al, 2018). This is all detailed in my new book, “Thinking And Eating For Two: The Science of Using Systems 1 and 2 Thinking to Nourish Self and Symbionts,” where I include well over 2,000 references that give the details of the lack of health and “healthcare” in American society. If you want to learn why about 90% of American are sicker than they should be, why most of us will die young, and what you can do about it, read my new book.


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Published by Dr. Greg Maguire, Ph.D.

Dr. Maguire, a Fulbright-Fogarty Fellow at the National Institutes of Health, is a scientist, innovator, teacher, healthcare professional. He has over 100 publications and numerous patents. His book, "Adult Stem Cell Released Molecules: A Paradigm Shift To Systems Therapeutics" was published by Nova Science Publishers in 2018.

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