US Continues to Waste Time and Money as Overly Complicated Rocket on a Misguided Mission Explodes

As the US wastes time and money on a non-achievable goal to colonize Mars, the rest of the world catches up.

With 25 of 33 engines burning, listing as it was launched, tumbling in the sky as some of the engines still burned, Starship fails and the detonation button was pushed. But not even the detonation button worked properly. Using an overly complicated rocket, attempting overly complicated maneuvers to separate the stages, built by cowboys in Texas that don’t know what they’re doing, and led by a bullshiting showman, the Starship continues to be a poorly written script for a numbskull’s science fiction fantasy. Space tourism is the goal, and taxpayers are the ones funding this inane scheme from Elon Musk, the rich kid whose family owned an emerald mine in Africa that used slave labor. Musk knows that the current technology available to man will never allow colonization of Mars. In a hastily built rocket launch site that lacks state of the art technology to mitigate launch pad destruction, big explosive rocket engines create much damage. And then the world’s largest and poorly designed rocket explodes, polluting the atmosphere and sending damaging debris to the surrounding area, creating an environmental disaster. This is all about the showman doing what he does best. Those on the plutocrat’s payroll talk it up, and those in the mass media intently listen to every word they say, bobbling their heads to the tune of a charismatic grifter. The BS spews from Musk and his shills. Musk captures the headlines, as intended, while scientists and engineers have made working rockets (for over 50 years) that sent men to moon and landed helicopters on Mars that fly remotely. Remarkable scientific and engineering accomplishments that take a back seat in a mass media that is transfixed on lying, braggadocious con men such as Musk and Trump who both came to power using daddy’s money and stealing from others. In the US we have billionaires who pay little or no taxes, and then leverage their self-aggrandizing schemes to develop companies that use taxpayer’s dollars to achieve their plutocratic goals of making big rockets that explode. The end goal, rich people going to space to dick-around on an ego trip using other people’s money. In our neo-liberal hellscape brought on by Ronald Reagan, the wealthy donors who control politicians get what they want – in this case, big rockets for a trip to nowhere. And the middle class pays for this folly. If you think colonizing Mars is an alternative to colonizing Earth, as Musk deceitfully proclaims, just drive out to California’s Death Valley. It’s called Death Valley for a reason, and it is much more habitable than is Mars. About 4 people live in Death Valley, and that is 4 more people who will ever live on Mars. As we screw around, launching 100s of satellites that quickly fail and either pollute the atmosphere in low orbits or fall back to Earth in burning flames, and launch huge flaming steel dildos that crash into the Gulf of Mexico that were designed based on the latest movie seen by a plutocrat, money is spent on other programs that work – in the US and elsewhere. Scientists and engineers run these other programs, including ones on Mars, not immature plutocrats who are social media darlings because they lie big. This is the state of the US, as other nations catch us in the race to control space, wealthy plutocrats make too many decisions. The stakes are high. Those who control the skies, have a leg up on controlling the world. Communications are one aspect of that control. There are many bad players catching up to the US, and the enemy within, the wealthy donor class controlling our politics, is allowing them to do so.

Published by Dr. Greg Maguire, Ph.D.

Dr. Maguire, a Fulbright-Fogarty Fellow at the National Institutes of Health, is a scientist, innovator, teacher, healthcare professional. He has over 100 publications and numerous patents. His book, "Adult Stem Cell Released Molecules: A Paradigm Shift To Systems Therapeutics" was published by Nova Science Publishers in 2018.

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